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10 veneers

“I am absolutely thrilled with the dental work Dr. Madurowicz provided to me! I have gone from chipped front teeth to new teeth that are perfect! I now have every reason to smile and am doing this more than ever. Thanks Doc!!”
– Bob


10 upper porcelain veneers

“Previously, I was embarrased to smile, especially during business trips and around new clients. Now however, I am confident and proud of my smile. Recently I ran a marathon and a spectator yelled out, ‘Nice smile!’ I have trust and confidence in Dr. Madurowiicz’s abilities and integrity. The work was one of the betters investments that I have made.”
– Brad


10 upper and 10 lower porcelain crowns and veneers

“Thank you Dr. Madurowicz, you made my smile beautiful and I feel so confident.”
– Mady


20 porcelian veneer restorations

“Dr. Madurowicz did a great job with color, look and shape in creating a new appearance for me. All with much compassion, attention to detail and patience.”
– Dan


10 porcelain veneers and whitening

“I love my smile!”
– Karen


8 Porcelain Veneers

– Kristal


Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Implants, Veneers, Crowns

“I can’t thank Dr. Madurowicz enough for the beautiful smile I now have. I would never have dreamed I could have such beautiful teeth. I find myself smiling more and feeling more self-confident.”
– Tanya


Full Mouth Rehab with gum lift (Implants, Veneers, Bridges and Crowns in combination)

“What an incredible job, I can smile again!”
– Sharon


Full Mouth Rehab, Crowns, Veneers

“Great confidence builder and I feel healthier.”
– Charlie




1 implant 3 veneers

“Working with Dr. Madurowicz and his team is a wonderful experience. They take great care of every need. Dr. M. never rushes you or makes you feel like you are asking too many questions. He gives you all the time you need to feel confident of your decision. Dr. M. gives you all the options with no pressure to do anything that is out of your budget. He provides a perfect job with plenty of advanced notice of what to expect. Dr. M. will make sure you look fabulous!”
– Suzanne


9 Crowns, 1 Front Tooth Implant, 9 Crowns/Veneers and Whitening

“Worth every effort!”
– Blane


10 Uppers, 1 Front Tooth Implant, 9 crowns/veneers and Whitening

“I no longer feel self conscious about smiling. I love showing my beautiful teeth and now my smile is contagious.”
– Liz


4 Uppers, 1 Front Tooth Implant, 1 Crown, 1 Veneer, 1 Bonding and Whitening

“Dr. Madurowicz is a awesome dentist. He saved my teeth and smile and I couldn’t be happier”
– Matt