Dr. Bogdan Madurowicz

Dr. Bogdan Madurowicz, the dentist, earned a bachelor of arts degree in biology from the University of California, San Diego in 1980 and his doctor of dental surgery degree in 1984 from the University of California, Los Angeles; and has been practicing at his current Encinitas location for over 14 years.
Dr. Madurowicz has made lifelong learning a very high priority in his quest to provide excellence in dentistry. Each year he attends conferences, workshops, and symposia conducted by the most renowned of his peers on topics related to every facet of his practice, from superior cosmetic dentistry to thoughtful practice management. He is especially proud of his affiliations with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry , Summit Dental Study Group and the CEREC Study Club.
Dr. Madurowicz, a San Diego native, is married to his wife Kelly and has two college age children, Alesandra and Alexander. He enjoys surfing, photography, and the outdoors.

    Continuing Education


    • Characterizing CEREC and eMax Abutments
    • Advanced Implant Concepts with eMax Abutment Blocks
    • Restoring Bone Level Implants in the Esthetic Zone
    • Treatment Planning Challenges and Solutions


    • Restoring CEREC Implants Chairside I
    • Master Your CEREC
    • Advanced CEREC Training — CADStar
    • Smile Design and the Bonded Functional Esthetic Prototype


    • Restorative Options for Tissue Level Dental Implants
    • Computer Aided Design for Smiles — CAD
    • Contemporary Approach to Smile Design
    • Lingerie of the Smile — Insical Translucency
    • Zero Sensitivity Bleaching
    • Artistic Smile Design: Facial Changes Through Temporization
    • Ceramic Selection
    • Portrait Photography


    • Laser Proficiency Certification Course
    • Day to Day Technology to Improve Your Practice


    • Dental Occlusion-It Can Make or Break You!
    • Ceramic Selection-Whcih System for Which Case?
    • Composite Artistry Workshop
    • The Marriage of Esthetics, Occlusion, and Comprehensive Dentistry
    • Predictable Cementation of Esthetic Restorations
    • Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning: Diagnostically Driven
    • Living in a Virtual World and Other Ramblings Through a Cluttered Mind


    • The Essence of Endodontic Excellence: What every clinicain should know
    • Moving Forward Together: Advanced Team and Patient Communication
    • Smile Design,Occlusal and Esthetic Techniques Update
    • Infection Controll Update
    • Top Down Approach to Dental Implant Treatment Planning: Parameters for Success in the Aesthetic Zone
    • Interdisciplinary Mangement of Anterior Aesthetic Discrepancies


    • Foundations for Success: Integrating Today’s Technology for Predictable Results
    • Dental Technology With an Emphasis on Digital Imaging and Cone Beam Technology
    • Esthetic Considerations: Solutions For Implant Restoration
    • Interpreting I-CAT Data
    • Balancing Perfection and Imperfection to Create Natural Esthetic
    • The Art of a Beautiful Smile
    • Smile Design- The Esthetic Zone Ratio
    • Portait Photography Posing Workshop
    • Instituting New Ideas for Implant Dentistry
    • Implant Restoration Planning and Placement With the Aid of Three Dimensional Imaging
    • Indirect Composite- A Strong and Beautiful Alternative to Porcelain
    • Team Approach to Dental Implant Reconstruction
    • Dentistry and the Aging Face


    • Adhesive Dentistry for the Esthetic and Restorative Practice
    • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Dental Practices
    • The Digital Patient Cosultation- Mastering Digital Technology as It Relates to Dentistry
    • Predictable Excellence in Implant Prosthodontics
    • Combining Esthetics and Function for Longevity


    • Occlusion Panel Discussion
    • Treatment Planning and Restorative Censiderations in Implant Dentistry
    • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session
    • Feldspatic vs. Zirconia Ceramics- Expanding the Limits
    • Designing Longevity:Esthetic and Occlusal Principals of Age-Reversing Dentistry
    • Adhesive Dentistry for the New Millenium
    • White and Pink Esthetics
    • CAD/CAM Dentistry
    • Predictability in Adhesive Procedures
    • Treating Crown and Bridge Failures


    • The Indirect Conservative Esthetic Restoration: Porcelain and Resin Inlays and Onlays
    • Free-Handed Bonding in the Anterior Teeth: Challenging Ceramic Restorations
    • Risk Management


    • Bonded Porcelain Restorations
    • Digital Radiography: Understanding Digital
    • Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, Challenges for Predictable Endodontic Outcomes
    • Success by Design: Predictable Esthetics in Simplified and Complex Implant Therapy
    • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session
    • Esthetics for Life
    • A Template to Create Your Own Extreme Makeover
    • The Advanced Course on Digital Photography
    • The Whitening Panel
    • The Art of Smile Design
    • Making a Dark Tooth Lighter and Brighter With Vitality Using Direct Composite Resin
    • Creating a Portait
    • Giving Your Patients Something to Smile About: The Art of Direct Resin


    • Comprehensive Approach to Aesthetic Dentistry
    • Treatment Planning With Dr. Gerard Cliche
    • Achieving Optimal Esthetics through Doctor/Lab Communications


    • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session
    • Facial Esthetics and Occlusal Harmony
    • The Relationship of Function and Anterior Guidance
    • The Health Compromise in Implant Dentistry
    • The Artistry of Composite Resin Restorations
    • Direct and Indirect Posterior Tooth-Colored Restorations


    • Esthetic Quality Control-Keys to Success
    • Practice Management
    • Esthetic Quality Control
    • Retire in Practice


    • Review of New Bonded Restoratives
    • Soft Tissue Management Around Implant in the Esthetic Zone


    • Business of Dentistry Update ’99
    • Pearls for Your Practice
    • Doctor Labratory Communication
    • The Mini-prep: An Alternative to Air Abrasion
    • Proportional Smile Design
    • Achieving Clinical Excekkence in Esthetic Posterior Restorations
    • Striving for Excellence: Ultradent Workshop
    • The Exciting World of IPS Empress® 2
    • Ivoclar Vivadent© Workshop
    • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session
    • Esthetic Full-Mouth Reconstruction for the Patient With Advanced TMJ
    • Biocompatibility of Adhesive Systems on Dental Pulps
    • Extreme Customer Service
    • A Buyers’ Guide for the Contemporary Dentist
    • Building the 21st Century Esthetic Practice
    • Scripps Dental Conference XIII


    • ’98 Worl Symposium (Implants)
    • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session
    • Esthetic Practice Success
    • Esthetic Inlays and Onlays
    • Mastering Smile Design
    • Air Abrasion Dentistry- Conservative Composites
    • Esthetics and Function: Rebuilding Guidance and Occlusions With Bonded Porcelain
    • Interdisciplinary Management if Esthetic Dilemmas
    • Targis Vectris®- A Restorative for te 21st Century

    1997 and Earlier

    • Adhesion Dentistry-Bertolotti Workshop
    • Mastering Aesthetic and Adhesive Dentistry
    • Astra-Technology Dental Implant Workshop
    • Implant Practice Management
    • Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
    • Advanced Porcelain Bonding
    • Nobel Biocare© USA Mini-Residency
    • ITI Implants
    • Infection Control
    • Single Tooth Implants
    • Periodontal Symposium
    • Certification in Branemark System® Implant Prosthetics
    • Endodontics in the 90s
    • Dental Aesthetics
    • Office Management
    • Anesthesia
    • Orthodontics/TMJ Orthopedics