Non-Surgical Gum Treatments

Unfortunately, periodontal (gum) disease can lead to more than just an unsightly smile – it can cause loss of teeth, loss of bone, bad breath, and, if left untreated, serious health problems with your heart. Gum disease is caused by excessive toxic bacteria, found in plaque, that attack your mouth’s soft tissues. We offer non-surgical periodontal treatments, including root planing and scaling. Root planing and scaling along with proper home care is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease before it causes those unwanted health issues.

Root scaling and planing is a non-surgical technique that cleans between the gums and teeth along the roots, removing plaque, calculus (tartar), and bacteria below the gum line. The procedure, commonly known as a deep cleaning, is a level above a normal cleaning and a level below laser or surgical procedures. Root planing and scaling is performed when the gums start to pull away from the teeth and the roots have that mineral buildup. The root planing procedure cleans root surfaces so the gums and supporting tissues can reattach to the tooth surface.

The entire procedure is done with local anesthesia so you feel no discomfort as we smooth your roots to a healthy state. We offer nitrous oxide/laughing gas and/or oral sedation to anyone interested in this extra distraction for nominal fee. Please ask for this at the appointment, if you feel it would help.

If you want to learn more about our non-surgical periodontal treatments, contact our office today.