An excellent alternative to crowns for the front teeth, veneers can mask stains, hide chips, correct misalignment, and create uniformity. Veneers, which are made of thin customized porcelain material designed to slide over the teeth, look incredibly natural and are relatively easy to apply. Veneers are highly resistant to stains and can last from 10 to 20 years.

Porcelain veneers are ceramic (glass/silica products). There are a dozen dental ceramic manufacturers making good to excellent products. The differences in the glass products lie in the fabrication techniques, their structure and formula. Empress® Veneers, a product by Ivoclar Vivadent® , are by far the most extensively used. Empress is a pressed ceramic material with exceptional natural optics and tight fit. Feldspathic veneers are a hand layered/powder and liquid ceramic product with a superior ability to characterize and shade the teeth (i.e. to make darker teeth lighter), but have a slightly thicker cement line at the seam by the tooth. Lumineers™ by Cerinate® developed by Den-Mat Corporation, a new line of veneers, have great results with little or no tooth reduction (i.e. no cutting/shaving of the tooth). This no preparation method is only useful, if 1) you are not significantly changing the color of your teeth, and 2) adding bulk to the front surface of the tooth. Empress has recently developed a product called E-Max. Essentially “Empress Maximum”. This is lithium-disilicate and has proven to be extremely strong and kind to natural teeth. Esthetically and structurally a very good choice for a demanding bite. Each mouth and design have different requirements. Dr. Madurowicz will assess and discuss the best choice for you.

Veneering teeth requires basically two “treatment” appointments. The lengths of the visits depend on the number of veneers/teeth selected to restore. At the first appointment, Dr. Madurowicz will prepare your teeth by removing a very small amount of tooth enamel. The amount of structure removed depends on many factors. Generally, the less you change, the less you need to remove. And the converse is also true. Once your teeth are properly shaped, a quick, yet accurate impression is made, Dr. Madurowicz then fabricates custom temporaries that are spot bonded to the teeth as a mock-up to show you the veneer/smile design. These beautiful and comfortable temporaries are created from a wax mold taken earlier. With these temporaries you can “test drive” the feel, fit, function, as well as the appearance at home with friends and family. About three to four weeks later, during the second “treatment” appointment, your new veneers will be bonded to your teeth for a long lasting fit. This lag time is very important as it allows you to adjust to the change, and any subsequent modifications, which are desired of the temporaries, are incorporated into the final veneers. This time is also used to properly communicate to the laboratory this exact final shape of your veneers.

If you are interested in learning more about veneers and enhancing your smile, or if you want to schedule a no charge cosmetic consultation appointment (usually 10-20 minutes) to ask some questions, contact our office today and mention this website offer.


10 veneers

“I am absolutely thrilled with the dental work Dr. Madurowicz provided to me! I have gone from chipped front teeth to new teeth that are perfect! I now have every reason to smile and am doing this more than ever. Thanks Doc!!”
– Bob


10 upper porcelain veneers

“Previously, I was embarrased to smile, especially during business trips and around new clients. Now however, I am confident and proud of my smile. Recently I ran a marathon and a spectator yelled out, ‘Nice smile!’ I have trust and confidence in Dr. Madurowiicz’s abilities and integrity. The work was one of the betters investments that I have made.”
– Brad


10 upper and 10 lower porcelain crowns and veneers

“Thank you Dr. Madurowicz, you made my smile beautiful and I feel so confident.”
– Mady


20 porcelian veneer restorations

“Dr. Madurowicz did a great job with color, look and shape in creating a new appearance for me. All with much compassion, attention to detail and patience.”
– Dan


10 porcelain veneers and whitening

“I love my smile!”
– Karen


8 Porcelain Veneers

– Kristal